Why publish with us

Why publish with us

Our editorial members cooperate both outstanding experience of the article producing industry with subject knowledge in the life sciences and related fields. As an author, we will be reliably accessible to assist and guide you through the full publication process of your research work.

The relevancy and standard of your article are important to us, and each article undergoes a peer-review process. Ours authorize editor’s work with researchers and authors to expand their schemes for articles and make sure that the published title will extend the applicable audience and satisfy its possible impact.

Once confirmed, we provide help through the writing and editing process, and then our expert production staff takes over once the manuscript is submitted.

We provide:

Assistant for acquiring necessary approval and awareness the sometimes-complex copyright provocation around a repeat of figures

Full copy-editing, typesetting, and indexing for manuscripts Cover design service – working with you to develop the most attractive design for your manuscript will be:

Available electronically first across a range of formats (PDF, HTML, EPUB), and perceptible through various indexing and aggregating services and databases, such as SCI, Scopus, DOAJ, ISC, and PubMed.

Promote universally in our catalogs, through targeted email campaigns, and at conferences. We can also provide promotional PowerPoint slides and flyers on request.

In addition, our article authors and editors are suitable for a 35% discount on the article they give to, and a 25% discount on all other Royal Society fields.