e-Book Peer Review Process

MedRead e-Books go through the accurate peer-review process to authenticate groundwork in science, health, and medicine before final board casting. The peer-review process also helps in exploration. Whether the yield e-Book maintains ethical worth and security, the truthful blunt research grafts.

It is enforced that all e-Books, prior to their appearance, are put through to peer-review. This is a mandatory step in the publication liable process. All evaluation reports are dispensed to an advisory board that ultimately determines whether the volume is suitable for publication.

MedRead e-Books come after the ‘Open’ Peer-Review process. Each e-Book section is sent to the critic who is an authority in the research-based or technical domain of the e-Book. The e-Book editor(s) as well as author(s) should declare any ‘conflicts of interest’ at the time of e-Book accession before sending the e-Book/chapters to a reviewer(s), we seek the consent of in the making about their availability and preparedness to review. All similarity with the reviewer is kept unlocked. The reviewers are required to send their consideration filled out in the customized review form. Essential, non-confidential information received from the reviewer is then interface to the book author(s) who is in turn required to capitulate a point-wise reply to each of the reviewer’s judgment. If required, the author(s) replies and the altered manuscript may be sent once more to the original reviewer for a re-review.

e-Books Advisory Board for an issue area will eventually reach a resolution whether or not to produce a book based on the reviewer’s discussion and counsel. The Advisory Board will also evaluate the books, superiority, creativity, and quality of the complacent.

MedRead e-Books attaches great importance to Album's review and realizes the critical role that the reviewers participate in the issuing.

Details of Peer-Review Advisory Board for the e-Books

  • Chemistry e-Books Peer-Review Advisory Board
  • Life Science e-Books Peer-Review Advisory Board
  • Medical sciences e-Books Peer-Review Advisory Board
  • Pharmacy e-Books Peer-Review Advisory Board
  • Neurology e-Books Peer-Review Advisory Board