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Modeling and Simulation of Mental Disorders: Autism

Published on: 2020-03-10


The absence of biomarkers handicaps an early diagnosis of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) difficult. The routine procedures in newborns are ineffective for detecting autism. In the early, postnatal years, social interaction difficulties and other emerging factors are used for the assessment of children with ASD (autism spectrum disorders). We reported numerical results that analyze the social interaction and repetitive behavior of children with ASD and without ASD (autism spectrum disorders). To represent the interaction, by analogy, we used two sets of random walkers. These sets are labeled in two ways, one group, let‘s say, the first set of random walkers represents children with autism as Patient (P), characterized by persistent and change-resistant microscopic dynamics. 


Autism, Random walks, Non-Markovian processes, Diagnosis, Entropy.