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Augmentation of the suction capacity of a single-use flexible bronchoscope by attachment of a suction catheter

Published on: 2020-03-19


Clearance of secretions from the airway is required to preserve airway patency and prevent respiratory tract infections. Unfortunately, critically ill patients have depressed cough refl exes and ineff ective mucociliary clearance. Therefore, clearance of airway secretions in intubated patients requires tracheal suctioning. However, when the suction catheter is advanced via an endotracheal tube for suctioning it usually enters the right main bronchus. Therefore, clearance of secretions and obstructions from the left lung is more likely to require bronchoscopy. Single use scopes are more portable, and may be more effi cient than traditional reusable scopes. Regardless, in practice, secretion clearance via bronchoscopy is often far inferior to that via suction catheters. We therefore describe a technique for augmentation of the suction capacity of single-use fl exible bronchoscopes by attachment of a suction catheter.


Bronchoscopy; Single Use; Suction; Secretion clearance