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Coding technique through graph labelings with the numbering of alphabets

Suzan Jabbar Obaiys
Mathematical And Computer Science, Heriot-Watt University, Malaysia, Malaysia

Published on: 2020-03-18


In this paper, we develop a technique of coding a message using GMJ code on a Gear graph tt9 with the product cordial labeling. For secret coding messages alphabets taking numbers, here we provide different coding patterns for numbering the alphabets. Taking any graph labelings with the numbering of alphabets can develop a picture coding method. One illustration using one method for a message to convert picture coding is provided in this paper. One catchy clue, mathematical or non-mathematical using numbers and words for finding a suitable graph and numbering the alphabets are given which are sure to increase the interest in the minds of researchers in coding and maintain a high degree of difficulty in understanding the message. The pictorial coding is provided to add weightage, secrecy, attraction, and attention to the coding techniques



Coding Technique Through Graph Labelings With The Numbering Of Alphabets

Graph theory is one such branch of Mathematics, which has established itself as an important mathematical tool due to its scientifi c and engineering applications in many areas like computing, social and natural sciences such as Operations research, Systems theory, Electrical engineering, Sociology, Linguistics, Geography, Chemistry and Genetics to mention a few. Mother Knowledge is very generous.