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Integration of curative and preventive services for strengthening nutritional outcome of infants and young children

Published on: 2020-03-30


Introduction: Health Seeking Behavior (HSB) is vital for effectiveness of Primary Health Care (PHC) services. It important to understand the dynamics of HSB within the context of PHC services for preventing malnutrition among Infants and Young Children (IYC). 
Aim: To study whether integration of preventive and curative services can improve HSB in PHC and enhance the nutritional status of children. 
Global data for 70 countries including 35 African, 22 Asian, 7 South American and 7 Caribbean and 2 East European countries were analyzed for immunization visits, Antenatal Care Visits (ANC), attendance in institutional facilities for delivery, delivery by Skilled Birth Attendant (SBA), postnatal care for the mother and postnatal care for the newborn, family planning visits, Acute Respiratory ract Infections (ARI), fever and treatment of Diarrheal Disease (DD). Data for impact on nutritional status included Low Birth Weight (LBW), stunting, wasting and overweight. Descriptive statistical analysis and Pearson’s correlation was used for analysis.
Results: Overall preventive visits were highest for any ANC (89±11) and immunization visits and lowest for family planning (52±21) and postnatal care for the newborn (51±33). HSB for curative services were highest for fever (62±15) and lowest for DD (44±18). Significant correlations were present for newborn care with ARI visits (P<0.05) and between visits for vaccination with DD and fever at P
Conclusions: Integration of preventive and curative services can strengthen PHC and should start from pregnancy. Immunization services represent opportunities for counseling in nutrition and early signs of sickness in the child for preventing delay in management and thereby improving nutritional status of children.


Vaccination visits; Health seeking behavior; preventive services; curative services; antenatal services; wasting; stunting; infants and young children; primary health care; integration of services