Peer review process

MedRead Publishing Group largely relies on the process of peer review in order to uphold the overall quality and also the validity of the individual articles in its various journals.

Peer review has been an awfully standard and formal a part of the scientific communication since the very first scientific journals were being published some three hundred years ago.

MedRead international journals take the support of the core editorial board members and also extremely qualified external reviewers for the reviewing of the submitted manuscripts. We have a tendency to follow the double-blind review method of peer reviewing. As per this particular method, the reviewer or the editor names are not being disclosed to the author under any circumstances and is kept strictly confidential until the publication of the manuscript is completed. MedRead takes at least 25 days of time for completing the review process. Once this review process is over, the articles are being published within the journal in several formats.

All the new manuscripts are being appointed to a minimum of one editor from the panel of the editors. The editor accepts the role and then sends the manuscript to the external reviewer for the review. However, the editor takes the ultimate decision after thoroughly going through the reviewer's comments.

Reviewers for the MedRead journals are being selected based on their overall academic expertise and their accomplishments in their career. Also, the reviewers' experience of reviewing similar kinds of manuscripts are being considered while choosing them.

MedRead International is a prominent member of Publons. In order to give the due credits to the reviewers, they are awarded through Publons.